Shoes? Converse (here) Pants? Vince Tunic? Vince, consigned at Refinerie (they now have stuff online!
Jacket? Zara (similar but better with a hood)  Purse? Roots Collar? Friend's grandmother 
Necklace? Vintage Whiting and Davis (I got it for the shop  and I should sell it but it's so cute!)

If I had known how comfortable these Converse were, I would have jumped on this trend (or really, a classic for many people...) a long time ago. Instead it took me going to Target to look for a shelf so I can stuff more stuff in the shop and finding myself 7 minutes later in the check-out with a shelf... and a pair of shoes. 

Also comfortable? My stretchy leather pants... hence, two outfit posts in a row with the same pants. Then again, the morning of the day these pictures were taken, I was up at 5:45 a.m., wiggling myself into this amazing 1950's lace dress and some high heels for a prom special we taped at Refinerie (it's so pretty inside!). The dress is beautifully cut and fits exactly but like I said on Instagram, I had to get my mom to drive me around that morning because my arm movement did not allow for my regular sharp left turns or road rage. After a long (but fun) morning in my fancy get-up I was more than happy to trade them all in for my Converse and leather pants. 
Amazing 1950's wiggle dresses make you confused between feeling freaking fabulous and feeling like you want to go home and hug your nearest pair of trackpants. 



The Birthday Boy

Silk top? Vintage Leather Pants? Vince Purse? Vintage (I was going to put it on Etsy so it could be bought off this post but someone snatched it up in the shop immediately... you know who you are...;)) 
Ring? Vintage Shoes? Guess, thrifted Coat? Vintage

I wore this to take Matt out for a birthday dinner last week. I wore sparkly things and Matt had steak and all was well. 
I am aware that I sometimes make a light hearted characterization of Matt on the blog. He's my good-natured, pun-loving (yeahhhh... I went there) photographer who will offer to let you take home one of our cats while simultaneously carrying around one of those cats. There is obviously much more to him than that but he has his life and is not interested in being some major or minor player of any kind in the blog world. That said, Matt is the best part of my day to day life. His steadiness grounds me, his positive attitude buoys me, his jokes (oft repeated) still make me laugh and his lack of recycling keeps me fiery. 

It really is a pleasure to grow older with Matt. And to take him out for steak.


Spring Exposure


Dress? Vintage Holt Renfrew Shoes? Guess, thrifted Clutch? Vintage 
Necklaces? Clyde's ReBirth (similar to shorter one here and exact longer one here) Cuffs? c/o Unikati (here
Earrings? bebe (old,but found these hand made ones on Etsy here and here)

Big weekend over here. It felt positively spring like and people responded with family walks, BBQ's and drinks on the patio (all this according to Instagram). I responded by taking some time to pick out a cool 70's dress for my first real leg baring of the year. I don't know whose priorities are in proper order...
I'm kidding, I love spring walks and patios but I'm still feeling pretty crappy so that just wasn't happening. I'm not telling you that I can't shake this stupid cold and general lousiness for your sympathy. It's just for my mom's sympathy. I know she'll read this post and text me to make sure I'm OK and then tell me to go to bed. Sometimes you just want to be coddled by your Mama;)


Less Talking, More Walking


Skirt? The Edit Tee? Old Navy Necklace? Clyde's Rebirth (smaller version here) 
Cuffs? Unikati (c/o hereShoes? Thirifted

Ugh, I don't have that much to say. I would but I'm really ill (Ok, I've got a cold...) so my head feels like it is stuffed with cotton balls and it took me an hour to get the pictures uploaded for this post because I am a snotty, slow sloth. I know people love to go off on the 'man cold' but I can never join that conversation because when I get sick, I get a little whiny and a lot useless and Matt is usually a patient super hero about it. He will get me soup, cold medication (cue debate on their effectiveness...), water, blankets and tell me to just forget about the to-do list and go to bed. Too bad he can't write my blog post for me...

Good thing this skirt doesn't need a long blog post. It's pretty sassy and speaks for itself.